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Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

What is the difference?

In simple terms, counselling and psychotherapy are 'talking therapies', meaning that they are effective, therapeutic 'conversations' with a trained professional.

The therapist helps people with their life difficulties by talking and relating to them and using concepts from established theories of human psychology.


Counselling is indicated when the problem or issues are rooted in the present; when what is upsetting you is linked with events that are challenging and yet part of life: some relationship issues, insecurities about work, mild anxiety and low mood, bereavement, etc.


Psychotherapy deals with long standing problems, often of high intensity: clinical depression, identity issues, anxiety, abuse, repeated patterns of difficult relationships, and so on. Psychotherapy is a deeper, longer term investment on your self.

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While usually counselling focusses mainly on short-term work and the training of the counsellor is at diploma level, psychotherapy is a more lasting, in-depth work with a professional with higher qualifications or experience.

I offer both services, as appropriate to your needs and requirements.

I work with individuals, long or short term. For relationship problems I also offer Couple Counselling.

My way of working

My core modality is called "Transactional Analysis" (TA), which includes cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic aspects. This means that I can work with people at various depths and to help with controlling their symptoms or getting to the causes of them.

Clearly the deeper is the issue, more rooted in childhood experiences, the longer the work can be. However it is possible to make good inroads in shorter terms.

I aim at building a strong and respectful relationship with my clients, where they can feel safe, held and listened. The good quality of the therapeutic relationship has been proved to be one of the main factors of successful therapy.

I am a Relational Transactional Analyst, meaning that with all clients and issues I work taking into account their deeper, often unconscious ways of communicating between people.

As appropriate I also use other types of therapy, which in many ways overlap with TA: for example CBT or Brief Solution Focus therapy, and I can also add Mindfulness training and practices. 

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